Around the world several times: a #WorldKidLit month round-up

globeIt’s the final day of #WorldKidLitMonth 2019 and what a month we’ve had!

Thank you to everyone who got involved for your tweets, your posts, and for sharing the word!

We’ve been all over the world several times this month and learned about so many awesome kids’ books. Here’s what we’ve featured on the blog this month…



1 Sept Welcome to World Kid Lit Month! 5 Reasons to Celebrate

oscar seeks friend2 Sept On Finding (& Falling in Love with) ‘Oscar Seeks A Friend’

3 Sept ‘Oscar Seeks A Friend’ & The Tip of the Polish Kid Lit Iceberg

4 Sept On the Importance of Egyptian Children’s Magazines and the Boom in YA

5 Sept Ahmed Salah al-Mahdi’s ‘The Enchanted Treasure’

6 Sept  Icelandic Musical Tale ‘Maximus Musicus’ Nominated for a YAMaward

7 Sept For World Beard Day: 4 Bearded Kidlit Heroes from Around the World

8 Sept ‘The Moose of Ewenki’: A Reminder that China is a Multi-cultural Country

1*RZsiEIQWaPUcwAAQzjeuIA9 Sept In Translation: A Powerful Norwegian Picture Book Comes to America

10 Sept 15 publishers of bilingual story books

11 Sept Book Review: ‘In the Forest’ by Anouk Boisrobert and Louis Rigaud

12 Sept Translate this! Day of the Deaf Whale, by Kristina Strelnikova

13 Sept Guest Post Johanna McCalmont Translate this: Stronger than the Hyena by Joseph Ndwaniye, Rwandan writer now living in Belgium.

theventriloquistsdaughter15 Sept Book Review: ‘The Ventriloquist’s Daughter’ by Man-Chiu Lin

16 Sept Out today: A History of the World With the Women Put Back In

17 Sept Juan Pablo Villalobos’ ‘The Other Side’ Finalist for Kirkus ‘Young Readers’ Prize

17 Sept Translate this! Criminal Tales by Pedro Mañas and David Sierra Listón

18 Sept ‘Damn!’ and Other Translation Conundrums 

Arnica the Duck Princess19 Sept Bengali Children’s Literature: 20 Books Waiting to Be Explored

20 Sept Neev Children’s Literature Festival, India

22 Sept Odd bodkins! Interview with translator and illustrator of Hungarian classic ‘Arnica the Duck Princess’

23 Sept Bilingual poetry for kids

24 Sept Translate this: School of Magical Animals by Margit Auer

when jiya25 Sept Winners of the Neev Children’s Book Awards 2019

26 Sept A Family #WorldKidLit Month Tour of the Globe part 1

27 Sept Guest World Kid Lit Review: Naondel by Maria Turtschaninoff

books220x22028 Sept Translate these! 10 Books from Taiwan

29 Sept Goethe Institut ‘Books First’ Programme




Thank you for visiting! And keep on reading around the world 🙂

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  1. Reblogged this on eltonuk and commented:
    The general aims of worldkidlit month, and the supporting blog, are to raise the profile of translation and diversity in the children’s literature community, and to support translators and publishers in finding books from lesser translated languages.


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