Welcome to World Kid Lit Month! 5 Reasons to Celebrate

September is World Kid Lit Month! On the first day, we find five reasons to celebrate the growing world of translated literature for young readers:

1. More new publishing houses that focus on children’s literature in translation. Greystone Kids! Elsewhere Editions! Every few months, it seems a new publisher is realizing that literature for young people could be greatly enriched by translations.

2. More translations from beyond Western Europe! A decade ago, there were only a handful of Arabic children’s books translated to English, and most of those were impossible to access. This year, there are at least six books for young readers being published in translation. The same is true in other languages, with a growing interest in Bangla, Indonesian, Eastern European, and other literary traditions that have not seen their children’s literatures much-translated to English.

3. #WorldKidLitWednesday! Global Literature in Libraries (@GlobalLitinLibs) started a new feature to promote literature from around the world every Wednesday. You can find World Kid Lit every Wednesday, year round, on their blog.

4. Global Literature in Libraries Translated YA Book Prize. Speaking of GLLI, they’re now working toward the 2020 prize. Get your submissions in now!

5. Many new ways to enrich your classroom with translated literature, including the Words Without Borders WWB CampusThe Common Classroom, and The Short Story Project section for Kids.

But, of course: Literature for young readers in translation is still just a tiny drop in the kid lit ocean. We can do a lot more to publish, promote, discuss, criticize, argue with, respond to, and celebrate the gigantic world of children’s literature.

Thanks for joining us on this journey! And do contact blog editors Ruth Ahmedzai Kemp and M Lynx Qualey @worldkidlit if you have ideas for the site this month.

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