Translate this! The School of Magical Animals by Margit Auer

Title: The School of Magical Animals (Book One)
Author: Margit Auer
Illustrator: Nina Dulleck
Year of Publication: 2013
Pages: 200 pages
Age Group: 8-12
Publisher: Carlsen Verlag
Original language: German
World English Rights available
Translation assistance: Goethe Institut
Copies sold worldwide: over 3.5 million

This series of 10 books first began to appear in 2013 and new releases are now hotly anticipated by fans. It has been translated into 24 languages and has sold over 3.5 million copies. The series has been so successful that there is now also a complimentary spin-off series of 8 complementary books that follow some of the books’ favourite characters as they set off on their holidays.

In this book, we meet the class of Winterstein School as the school year is just beginning. Not only is Ida starting a new school but there is a new teacher as well. Miss Cornfield hails from Scotland and her brother, Mister Mortimer Morrison runs the Magical Pet Shop. He travels the world, searching for magical animals who long to be understood and find their one special friend. Miss Cornfield will assist in this search for the perfect person, pairing up magical animals with the most deserving pupils, those with anxieties and worries who need a little bit of help and encouragement. With their animals by their sides, the children discover the strengths that are hiding within themselves. But as Benni finds out, it’s not always the pet they were hoping for.

Fantastic adventure stories for middle grade readers with plenty of creeping around at night, stink bombs and the potential for getting a good telling off.

Margit Auer (1967) was born in Mühldorf an Inn, Germany. Before turning to children’s books, she was a journalist, writing for the Süddeutsche Zeitung and the German News Agency dpa. On the arrival of her three sons, she began reading lots of children’s books and decided to try her hand at writing her own. And so began her career as a best-selling children’s author. In 2019, Auer was honoured with the Heidelberger Leander Prize for the School of Magical Animals series.

Nina Dulleck (1975) has drawn and painted since should could first hold a paintbrush or a pencil in her hand. She has illustrated many children’s books by different authors as well as creating her own.

Sample translation from Book One is available from translator Claire Storey.

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