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Project World Kid Lit is a worldwide community of aficionados of world literature for young people. #WorldKidLitMonth – the annual celebration of translated children’s books in September – is a groundroots campaign led by an unfunded community of volunteers. We run social media accounts on TwitterInstagram, and Facebook, all with the aim of promoting World Kid Lit Month and encouraging a discussion of global kid lit year-round with the hashtag #WorldKidLit.

Our core aims are to see more diversity in English-language publishing and in educational curricula, to give a richer and more realistic representation of the multicultural and multilingual world we live in. We aim to make it easier to find children’s and YA books in translation into English from other languages around the world.

Whether it’s online on social media or in real life, there are countless ways you can get involved.

Book reviews (including by younger readers)

We welcome readers’ reviews of kid lit/YA in translation, or originally published in another country.

No one is too young or too old to enjoy children’s books from other countries and no reviewer is too young or old for our blog! See here for our growing section of Reviews by Younger Readers.

What do we mean by #WorldKidLit? World literature or border-crossing literature for young people, so that might be books…

  • first published in a different country from the reader
  • by authors/illustrators from another country
  • translated into English from another language
  • first published in English in another country
  • written in English and published in a country that isn’t majority English-speaking
  • bilingual books written in two languages

We’re also keen to grow the World Kid Lit YouTube channel, so do get in touch if you or your kids are keen to review a book by video (we would need permission from a parent or guardian before publishing any reviews by minors).

Even a tiny Twitter review of 280 characters can make a world of difference to the independent, low-budget publishers who invest in translating books from other languages.

If you’d like to send us books to review, or to offer to write for the blog, please email us at

Join the conversation on social media

For news of the latest children’s and YA books in English translation from around the world, subscribe to World Kid Lit Blog and follow us Twitter, Instagram, our Facebook page or the World Kid Lit Facebook discussion group.

We’d love to hear what you’ve been reading in translation so please share your thoughts with the hashtag #worldkidlit or tag us @worldkidlit and we’ll be happy to retweet.

Let’s try and get translated kids’ and YA books trending every week on #WorldKidLitWednesday and every September at #WorldKidLitMonth!

Champion #WorldKidLit in your community

Please help to spread the word about September, World Kid Lit Month! Tell your local school, library and bookshop about it. Send them to this website and to the World Kid Lit FB group where they will find a wealth of resources to help make a #WorldKidLitMonth display or celebrate the month in other ways.

Throughout the year, there are countless ways to champion diverse world literature for children and teens, raising the profile in your community of books in other languages and raising awareness of the value of translation. Follow this blog and #worldkidlit on social media for ideas!

We have a list of World Kid Lit champions on Twitter: individuals and organizations who share our passion for children’s books and YA from around the world, including in translation. Please get in touch if you’d like to be included or to recommend others.

Write for World Kid Lit blog

We warmly welcome guest contributors and suggestions for interviews and features. Please email us at if you’d like to contribute an article or a book review, or suggest titles for one of our downloadable books listsYou could even become a regular correspondent on the children’s literature of the part of the world you know and love.

All contributions to World Kid Lit blog are pro bono. We are a collective of interested individuals with no funding, and no one is paid for their contributions to the blog or the broader World Kid Lit project.

Please view our submissions guidelines here:

Explore our resources

Whether you are looking to diversify your library at school or at home, whether you have children in your class from other language backgrounds, or have family overseas … there are lots of ways you can use this site to find out about children’s books and book creators from other countries.

More ways to celebrate World Kid Lit Month this September?