World Kid Lit Book Lists and Downloads

On this page you’ll find all of our downloadable PDF and PNG resources. Click the blue buttons to download or open the files. They are all available with a Creative Commons license: please share them, while naming Project World Kid Lit as the source. Thank you!

We are indebted to the charity Outside In World for their excellent resources helping readers to discover translated children’s and YA literature – do explore them too!

World Kid Lit Month Resources

World Kid Lit Month Bingo Chart

Illustrated book lists

Here are various printable book lists to help you source global children’s/YA books for your school, your bookshop or library, or for your own reading exploration of the world. You could cut out the book covers to stick them to a map or globe to show where they’re from.

Please ask if there is a reading list you would find useful!

Themed book lists

Read the World book lists

Downloadable lists covering junior fiction and YA from Asia, Africa, the Americas, the Middle East and Europe. These could be used for a Translated Fiction Book Club

Book lists and reading maps by continent


Kid Lit from AFRICA: Creative Commons reading map (download as PNG file)





Recommended book list and book maps coming!


Recommended book list and book maps coming!

Book review templates

If any children or teens would like to write a book review for #WorldKidLitMonth, and need some help getting started, there are some translated book review templates below.

Primary / elementary school

Secondary / high school / ages 10+