For Translators

World Kid Lit blog is one of very few blogs aimed at shedding light on the process of translation and we love featuring the people who have helped children’s books travel from one country to another. We aim to always #namethetranslator and illustrator in our blog posts.

Write for World Kid Lit blog

Do contact us if you’d be interested in writing about or being interviewed about your work in translation within the children’s publishing world.

We warmly welcome guest contributors and suggestions for interviews and features. Please email Team WKL if you’d like to contribute, share an idea for an article, or suggest great books for a certain country/language. 

Translate This!

We have a section of the blog with the category Translate This! where readers recommend books they would like to see published in English translation. If you would like to present an as yet untranslated children’s or YA book on this blog, please read the submissions guidelines below and send us an email.

Translators Aloud

Translators are invited to share their published work on the new YouTube channel, Translators Aloud (not a World Kid Lit project). This new initiative started by Tina Kover and Charlotte Coombe is an opportunity to share your work with the translation community. Children’s books and YA are too often overlooked in discussions of translation and this is a great way to remind readers of the thriving translated kid lit scene. Send in a 5-minute recording of yourself reading from one of your kid lit translations; more details here

Pitching to publishers

There are a growing number of resources to help translators prepare an effective book proposal for a publisher. Here are a few: