World Kid Lit Reviews: The Casket of Time

Today on World Kid Lit Wednesday, we have a reader’s review from Laila Mostagir, aged 9.

The Casket Of Time

By Andri Snaer Magnason

Translated from Icelandic by Björg Arnadóttir and Andrew Cauthery

Published by Yonder (Restless Books for Younger Readers)


The plot in this story is split in half. It starts out with the “situation” which involves animals taking over the land! Sigrun is a girl in the “situation” and she  hates the fact that it’s taking over her life. Then, a boy named Marcus finds her. He takes Marcus to an old lady named Grace, who then tells a story.

The story that Grace tells transports you to a different story, a story from the past. It starts out with the 3 sisters. One was blind & deaf but spoke very well. Another was mute & blind but could hear very well. The last was deaf & mute but saw very well. Everyone feared the 3 sisters. They lived in the forest. One day, the villagers sent a brave man to kill the 3 sisters and bring back their hearts as proof. The man though, was scared. He saw the speaking sister talking to an animal. She said “shhh” the man heard the whisper and she said : “Never ever ever set the animals against the people.”  he remembered it on the way back to the Kingdom Of Pangea. He did not come back with the sister’s hearts, but with whispers. He tamed every animal in Pangea. The villagers crowned him king. He was always remembered. No one would ever forget the 12th king of Pangea though. King Dimon. He never knew how to focus, everybody knew why. He was in love. They got married and had a girl named Obsidiana, but once she was born King Dimon’s wife died right away. He said to his assistant, Exel who manages the kingdom when King Dimon is away,“The only way I could be happy would be if I could conquer the world”. He left right away to conquer the world. Obsidiana always received letters from her dad, and for her birthday  Dimon got her 2 deer, Peak & Moon. That wasn’t enough for Obsidiana, though. He had left her for 12 years of her life. Then, one day, Obsidiana received a letter from her father that read, “Dear daughter, I will be back in 2 years.” Obsidiana ran to Thordis, who nursed Obsidiana after Obsidiana’s mother died, and cried, “We have to get the ceremony ready!”.

The story that Grace tells pauses after one chapter and goes to a scene with the kids in the “situation”. The story says time is good, but also bad. When King Dimon gets back, Dimon decides that he wants to save Obsidiana’s youth forever. The Dwarves bring King Dimon a magic casket. Whenever Obsidiana goes in the casket, time stops for her but not for everyone else. Obsidiana doesn’t want to spend her life in a casket, she wants to know about the world around her. Then King Dimon leaves to go to the war again. Exel held  friendship tests, but no child was ever verified to be her match. All the children went home crying, with their parents yelling at them. Obsidiana wanted a friend, though. All she had were her deer, Peak & Moon. 

The two stories have similarities. In the story with King Dimon, King Dimon sets the animals against the people which he was never supposed to do in the first place. And in the story with the “situation”the animals are actually what are ruining the land and water.

This book will make you laugh even when it’s sad. The Casket Of Time will paint a picture in your mind.


Thank you Laila for this excellent review!

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