World Kid Lit month focuses on bringing translated children’s books and a discussion of world literature to kids, parents, educators, librarians, translators, critics, publishers, and anyone who cares about good books for the not-yet-adult set.

The #WorldKidLit initiative was co-launched in September 2016 by Alexandra Büchler (Literature Across Frontiers)M. Lynx Qualey (ArabLit), and Lawrence Schimel (author, translator, and publisher at Midsummer Night’s Press).

Do also follow our Twitter account @worldkidlit, where you’ll find global #kidlit tweets by M. Lynx Qualey and literary translators Helen Wang and Ruth Ahmedzai Kemp.

#WorldKidLit #WKLMonth #worldkitlitmonth

To get involved, contact M. Lynx Qualey at email.