Who we are

The #WorldKidLit campaign and World Kid Lit month (September) are focused on bringing translated children’s books and a discussion of world literature to kids, parents, educators, librarians, translators, critics, publishers, and anyone who cares about good books for the not-yet-adult set.

Team WKL

The #WorldKidLit initiative was co-launched in September 2016 by Alexandra Büchler (Literature Across Frontiers)M. Lynx Qualey (ArabLit), and Lawrence Schimel (author, translator, and publisher at Midsummer Night’s Press).

The blog and resources are edited by M. Lynx Qualey and translators Ruth Ahmedzai Kemp and Claire Storey. If you’d like to contribute or send us ideas, please email world kid lit @ gmail . com

Find us on Twitter too, @worldkidlit, where M. Lynx Qualey tweets along with literary translators Helen Wang and Ruth Ahmedzai Kemp.

On Facebook, we have a discussion group focused on world kid lit news and plans for September, World Kid Lit Month. Do join us and invite your friends and colleagues 🙂


World Kid Lit Partners and Champions

We extend a world of gratitude to fellow #worldkidlit aficionados, who are all worth following on Twitter and elsewhere:

Global Literature in Libraries Initiative

A group of librarians, translators, publishers, and literature advocates whose goal is to raise the visibility of international literature in libraries. GLLI’s blog features reviews of children’s books in translation every Wednesday, on #WorldKidLit Wednesday.

Please note the new Twitter handle: @GlobalLitin

Planet Picture Book

Writer, translator and mum, on an adventure to research, read and review picture books from every country in the world. Website and Twitter @plapibo both worth a follow!

Outside in World

(Until we came on the scene in 2016) the only UK organisation dedicated to promoting, celebrating and exploring books from around the world, especially children’s books in translation. Website and Twitter @OutsideInWorld

Chinese Books for Young Readers

Blog and Twitter account about Chinese Books for Young Readers — children’s and YA books created in Chinese. Run by @helenwanglondon@Anguche and @minjiech