Come join us?

A few years ago, I sat down and wrote two book reviews and an article on finding books in translation. I sent off an email to the World Kid Lit website, and the response came back so kind and enthusiastic that I said to my husband, “Why in the world didn’t I do this sooner?” 

Fast forward to today, and somehow or other I’m a co-editor of the blog. These things happen, right? On Monday, we had a virtual social with our global community to celebrate the end of World Kid Lit month. And once again, I’m feeling grateful to be part of a community that loves books, children, and the world.

Here at Project World Kid Lit, we’ve been making plans for the coming year, and we’d love more people to join us. Whether you’re a long-time world kid lit aficionado or you’re a new enthusiastic reader, we’d love your participation.

We have plenty of great opportunities for people who like to write. If you’re a translator – new or emerging! –  would you consider writing about a particular craft challenge you’ve faced? If you love reading books from a region or a genre, would you review them for us? (We can help you get *great* books!) If you’ve run an interesting program at your library or school, would you share what you’re doing?

And if you’re less interested in writing, but willing to help out in other ways, we have options. Anyone like Tik Tok or Twitter or Instagram? We could sure use your help.

We are currently an ad-hoc group of people who care about spreading the word about world kid lit. As we start to create a (slightly-more) formal organization, it takes many different types of skill sets.

We’ve put together a volunteer form. Click through and let us know if any of these ideas might tempt you to join us.