This is a Dictatorship: Greet Pauwelijn in conversation

Today it is our pleasure to share a video interview with the founder of UK publishing house Book Island, Greet Pauwelijn in conversation with World Kid Lit co-editor Claire Storey. They are discussing Book Island’s latest publication This is a Dictatorship by Equipo Plantel, illustrated by Mikel Casal and translated from Spanish by Lawrence Schimel.

Claire Storey interviews publisher Greet Pauwelijn

About the book

This book, first written in Spain soon after the end of the Franco dictatorship, set out to explain dictatorship to the next generation. The authors believed, as the Spanish publishers of this book put it, that “Children are interested in everything adults are interested in. You must explain things to them, even if it requires effort.”

Forty years later, re-illustrated with stunning images by Mikel Casal (who himself grew up under Franco’s regime), its message remains as timely as ever.

This is the blog post mentioned in the video, written by illustrator Mikel Casal and published on Picturebook Makers.

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