Young Reader Review: Lampie / Of Salt and Shore

In the second of our young reader reviews today, we welcome another young reader to share their thoughts on a translated book they read recently. Welcome to the blog, Emma, aged 7...

Book Title: Of Salt and Shore (US) / Lampie (UK)

US edition
UK edition

Author: Annet Schaap

Translated by: Laura Watkinson

Translated from: Dutch [Netherlands]

Publisher: Charlesbridge Publishing US / Pushkin Press UK

What is the book about?

The book is about a little girl called Lampie. She was a lighthouse keeper. Her father has only one leg, so she helps him to light the lighthouse! She went to live at the Black House with a monster in a tower at the top. She made friends with Edward, the monster, and told Martha [the housekeeper] that he wasn’t a monster.

Why did you like it?

I like it because Lampie helps Edward to know what it is like outside and Edward teaches Lampie how to read and write. It is really nice to read that Lampie and Edward work together as a team and become friends. It was a bit scary sometimes, but not too scary.

From Emma, age 7


You can hear Laura Watkinson read from her translation of Lampie on the Trafika Europe Radio World Kid Lit Month special.


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