Young Reader Review: The Murderer’s Ape

We are delighted to welcome back Isabel, aged 11, for her third book review of fiction in translation. Over to you, Isabel…

The Murderer’s Ape by Jakob Wegelius, translated from Swedish by Peter Graves

Title: The Murderer’s Ape
Author: Jakob Wegelius
Translator: Peter Graves
Rating: 4 out of 5


Sally Jones the intelligent gorilla and her owner, Henry Koskela (a.k.a. the Chief), love sailing the seas. But when they get tricked into transporting dangerous cargo and the Chief gets falsely convicted of the murder of Alphonse Morro, disaster strikes. Sally Jones is now on her own. In the whole wide world. Trying to clear her friend’s name. However, after a few weeks of hunger, tiredness and boredom, she finally finds the people to trust.

Ana Molina and Signor Fidardo help her deal with her depression and make a promise to get Koskela out of prison. That changes when Sally Jones starts getting suspicious letters from an anonymous sender that sound like they’re from Morro; she eventually decides to travel to the address of the letters and prove Morro is alive. All the way to India. Join Sally Jones on a touching journey to show without doubt that her closest friend is innocent in The Murderer’s Ape.

The Murderer’s Ape is such an amazing story. You travel all around the world and get to experience the culture, as well as gasp at the twisting and turning plot. Who is innocent? Who can be trusted? All these questions swirl around your head while reading The Murderer’s Ape. I could not put it down! Sally Jones is such a fun loving character who fits the book perfectly.

Overall, I rate The Murderer’s Ape 4 out of 5.


Many thanks to Isabel for this fabulous book review!

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