Young Reader Review: Lampie

We are delighted to welcome back our young reviewer Isabel, 11. Over to you, Isabel…

Title: Lampie (UK) / Of Salt and Shore (US)
Author: Annet Schaap
Translator: Laura Watkinson

It’s a stormy night when Lampie the lighthouse keeper’s daughter realises that there are no matches left to light the lighthouse-and when she goes out to buy more, they get lost in the storm. In disgrace, she is sent to the Admiral’s Black House for 7 years, where, rumor has it, a monster lurks in the tower. However, what she finds is no monster but a kind of half-human half-fish. A mermaid. At first, they are not the best of friends but as time wears on, their bond becomes stronger and together they fight hunters of so-called freaks, travel the sea, and reunite families. But is it as easy as it seems? Find out in Lampie…

Why I liked the book:
Lampie is such a great read, a sea-swept adventure for any book lovers out there. Because she is such an ordinary girl, Lampie’s character and personality really contrast with her surroundings (the Admiral’s Black House) which makes you instantly fall in love with her and always feel sorry for her. When she meets Fish, she has to bond with him and you almost want to cry out to her help her understand.

Overall, I rate Lampie a ⅗.


Many thanks to Isabel for her wonderful review.

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