Young Reader Review: INKHEART by Cornelia Funke

Today in our series of children’s books in translation reviewed by younger readers, we feature Inkheart, reviewed by Isabel, aged 11…



By Cornelia Funke, translated from German by Anthea Bell [originally published in Germany]

Published by Chicken House (2004)

Rating: 4 out of 5 


When Meggie was just three, her father, Mo magically read out three characters from a book named Inkheart: petty Dustfinger, Evil Basta, and worst of all, Capricorn. And now, Capricorn wants to capture Mo, and use his power for himself. When they take Mo away, Meggie wants her revenge. With the help of her great aunt Elinor, Dustfinger and his new admirer Farid, they venture on a journey to defeat malicious Capricorn and save the book and Mo.

However, no adventure is ever a straight line, and the gang find themselves in a lot more trouble than they expected. Before they know it, they are pushing cars off hills, attacking wicked henchmen, plotting evil plans and even burning houses down! Can Meggie and the gang save Dustfinger’s home, prevent the book from evil and escape Capricorn’s wicked clutches? Find out in Inkheart…

Why I liked the book:

I loved Inkheart so much. It’s an action-packed adventure that gets you on the edge of your seat. With Inkheart, you can escape to other worlds, forget about what’s going on on earth and journey to Capricorn’s village, or Elinor’s house, anywhere on the Inkheart planet.

The characters are so friendly, it’s hard not to get along with them. When they’re happy, you’re happy, when they’re scared, you’re scared, when they’re sad, you’re sad. Of course, readers are always an important part in a story, but in Inkheart you are almost sucked in, another main character in the book.

Overall, I rate Inkheart a ⅘. 


Thank you Isabel for this excellent review!

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