The winners of the 2020 Chen Bochui International Children’s Literature Award

On 12 November, the 2020 Chen Bochui International Children’s Literature Awards 陈伯吹国际儿童文学奖 were announced in Shanghai. Our thanks to Helen Wang for allowing us to share this post from Chinese books for young readers.

The international jury of nine included Gao Hongbo 高洪波 (China, jury president), Liu Jianping (China), Mariela Nagle (Argentina, Germany), Elena Pasoli (Italy), Qin Wenjun 秦文君 (China), Xu Yan (China), Yu Rong 郁蓉 (UK), Zhang Li (China), Zhao Xiaoyin (China).

The winning books at the 2020 Chen Bochui International Children’s Literature Awards Ceremony (image source: CCBF)

Best Literary Works in Chinese Language

A Non-existent Villa 不存在的小镇, by Huang Yingzhao 黄颖曌 (China Juvenile and Children’s Publishing House 中国少年儿童出版社, 2019). ISBN: 9787514856064 (image source: douban)
Building a Ceramic Kiln and Giving It to You 建座瓷窑送给你, by Peng Xuejun 彭学军 (21st Century Publishing Group 二十一世纪出版社, 2019/20). ISBN 9787556845361 (image source: douban)
Xiao Su and I 我和小素, by Huang Chunhua 黄春华 (Anhui Juvenile and Children’s Publishing House 安徽少年儿童出版社, 2020). ISBN 9787570707683 (image source: douban)
Running Dai Er’niu 奔跑的岱二牛, by Huang Beijia 黄蓓佳 (Phoenix Juvenile and Children’s Publishing Ltd 江苏凤凰少年儿童出版社, 2019). ISBN 9787558417412 (image source: douban)

A Smile Among Thorns: Xiao Cong 荆棘丛中的微笑:小丛, by Yang Xiaoyan 杨筱艳 (21st Century Publishing Group 二十一世纪出版社, 2020). ISBN 9787556847433 (image source: douban)

Best Picture Books of the Year

1.º Direito (First Floor Right) 一楼右侧, by Ricardo Henriques; illus. Nicolau Fernandes (Pato Lógico Edições, Portugal, 2020) ISBN 978-989-54344-1-1 (image source: Pato Lógico Edições)
Mr. Black and His Dog 布莱克先生和他的狗, by Jiu’er  九儿 (Guizhou People’s Publishing House 贵州人民出版社, 2019) ISBN 9787221154897 (image source: douban)
A Falling Whale 天上掉下一头鲸, by Xi Yuke 西雨客 (Daylight Publishing House 天天出版社, China, 2019) ISBN 9787501615254 (image source: douban)
The Snow Comes Around 下雪天的声音, by Mei Zihan 梅子涵, illus. Igor Oleynikov 伊戈尔.奥列伊尼科夫 (Guizhou People’s Publishing House, China, 2019). ISBN 9787221156341 (image source: douban)
The Truth about Old People 老者的真相, by Elina Ellis (Two Hoots, UK, 2020) ISBN 9781509882274 (image source: panmacmillan)

Special Contribution Award

Zhang Qiusheng 张秋生 (China) – writer of fairy tales and children’s poems, publisher (image source: CCBF)

Best Author of the Year Award

Ed Young (USA) – illustrator and picture book writer