A Look Back: #WorldKidLit Month 2018

September is #WorldKidLit Month, and this 2018, we celebrated with 34 different essays, interviews, lists, excerpts, and reviews about children’s literature from around the world, with an emphasis on literature translated into English:

In 2018, we found participation jump in the twitter hashtags: #WorldKidLit, #WorldKidLitMonth, and #WorldKidLitChallenge, as well as participation in the WorldKidLit Facebook group.

We’ll see you all next year; in the meantime, check out the resources below.

Find all of 2018 below:

30 Aug     New in 2017-18: Children’s Books Translated into English

31 Aug     This September, Join the #WorldKidLit Reading Challenge!

1 Sept      5 Ways to Celebrate #WorldKidLit Month this September

2 Sept      ‘CODE Burt Award’ Announces 2018 Shortlist for African YA Literature

3 Sept      Q&A: Let’s Talk to Kids About Sex…in Chinese, Too

4 Sept      9 Great BAME Heroes from Around the World

5 Sept    Recommended Read: Nahoko Uehashi’s ‘Moribito’

6 Sept   The View from Linton: Why World Kid Lit Matters

7 Sept   10 Innovative Books that Bring India’s Vibrant Art and Poetry to Children

8 Sept      8 Books for Young Readers: Arab Women’s KidLit in Translation

9 Sept      5 Questions: Recommended German Books and The Freer Use of ‘Scheiße’

10 Sept    Italian Children’s Books in Translation: ‘Absolutely Vital Given the Times We Are Living In’

11 Sept    2018 Asian Festival of Children’s Content: Pushing Back against ‘West is Best,’ Creating ‘Stories of Us’

12 Sept    An Excerpt in Translation: ‘Lenny among Ghosts’

13 Sept    10 Books: Vibrant & Fun Latin American Children’s Lit

14 Sept    Sharing the Russian Stories and Poems that Shaped Translator Jane Bugaeva’s Childhood

15 Sept    Beyond Finding Roots, Glimpsing Who You Might Have Become

16 Sept    4 Books: Syrian Kid Lit New or Forthcoming in Translation

17 Sept    Review: ‘Inside the Villains’ by Clotilde Perrin, Tr. Daniel Hahn

18 Sept    Six Things I Learned While Translating ‘A Friend in the Dark’

19 Sept    5 Books from Around the World to Celebrate ‘International Talk Like a Pirate Day’

20 Sept    Children’s Literature in Indonesia: A Blend of Cultures and Styles

21 Sept    The Challenges of Translating Pyotr Vlasov’s ‘The Knight, The Cat and The Ballerina’

22 Sept    10 to Read: A World of Wordless Picture Books

23 Sept    World Kid Lit: Learning ‘Other Ways to Discover Books for a Library Collection’

24 Sept    Sharing Stories: National Centre for Australian Children’s Literature

25 Sept    27 Recent Graphic Novels & Series in Translation for Children

26 Sept    ‘Not Another Book Podcast’ on More Visibility for Books by Writers of African Origin

27 Sept    Design and the Translation: ‘Olive the Sheep Can’t Sleep’

28 Sept    ‘Lost in Books’: Lessons from a Polyglot Bookshop

29 Sept    Review: ‘The Lion and the Bird’

30 Sept    5 Questions on ‘White Ravens Festival,’ Celebrating a World of Kid Lit and YA

30 Sept    10 to Read: Picture Books That Celebrate the Beauty and Diversity of Nature

30 Sept    Celebrating WorldKidLit Month with 10 Books from India

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