It’s #TalkLikeaPirateDay! Four Pirate Tales in Translation

This #TalkLikeaPirateDay we honor pirates who talk in other tongues.

Ages 0-5

piratePirate Girl, by Cornelia Funke, Author, Kerstin Meyer, Illustrator , illus. by Kerstin Meyer, trans. by Chantal Wright.

According to Publishers Weekly, “Captain Firebeard, helmsman Morgan O’Meany and the crew of the Horrible Haddock make “the knees of honest seafaring folk… shake like jelly.” But they meet their match in Molly, a small but sturdy girl whose thick auburn ponytails rival the Captain’s bushy beard.” Recommended by translator and educator Ruth Ahmedzai Kemp.

petePirate Pete Sets Sail, Jean-Pierre Jaggi, illustrated by Alan Clarke, translated by J. Alison James.

From OutsideinWorld: “Pirate Pete and his mates are setting sail for a new island. It is hard work loading all their treasure onto the ship, but they manage to cast off and sail across the seas until they finally spot their new island. This is a lovely story about a boy who is concerned about moving to a new house with his parents. He decides to turn it into an exciting adventure – the house is the pirates’ den, the car a ship and the motorway service station is a filthy harbour – and, of course, he is the pirate captain.

This is an ideal book for parents to use if they are planning to move house. Very lively and vibrant illustrations by Alan Clarke, full of colour that will attract any young child.” Recommended by OutsideInWorld.

Ages 9-12

the-treasure-of-barracuda-cover-411x600The Treasure of Barracuda,  by Llanos Campos, illustrated by Júlia Sardà, translated from Spanish by Lawrence Schimel.

According to the publisher: “Sparks is an 11-year-old deck hand on the Southern Cross, a ship full of illiterate pirates led by Captain Barracuda. When Sparks and the crew dig up a treasure chest left by the infamous pirate Phineas Johnson Krane, they discover it’s empty – except for a book! Now, they must learn to read in order to decipher its contents and find Krane’s real hidden treasure.” Recommended by author-editor-educator Lyn Miller-Lachmann, who notes you can get a 25% discount for pre-ordering.

Ages 13+

corsairThe Corsair, by Abdulaziz Al-Mahmoud, translated by Amira Noweira.

A fun, fast-paced tale of Gulf pirates in the early 19th century. For the budding fan of historical fictions. From the publisher: “It’s the early part of the nineteenth century and the Arabian Peninsula and the waters surrounding it are ablaze. Piracy in the Gulf threatens global maritime trade routes while the Wahabbi strain of Islam is conquering followers town by town across the region. Britain, eager to reinforce its presence in the Middle East and protect the East India Company’s ships, has a plan: send a man-of-war from England to quash the pirates while persuading Egypt to join an international alliance with Oman and Persia to fight the Wahabbis. At the center of it all lies a priceless Indian sword, a gift from the British monarch to the Egyptian Pasha.” Recommended by M. Lynx Qualey.


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